ZF 6HP26 High Stall Torque Converter

Roadblaster is proud to announce that we have expanded our range of the ZF 6HP26 Turbo and V8 High Stall Torque Converters to now include¬†a smaller 11″ Diameter unit. The stall speeds that are available are now higher which makes them well suited for the high powered Turbo and V8 motors that are being developed today. These smaller diameter converters still retain a full lock up, so fuel economy is kept at cruising speeds.¬†They have a full steel ring welded around the base that distributes the torque generated evenly across it and also prevents the Lockup from distorting under load.

Features of the 11″ ZF 6HP26 Torque Converter.

zf 6hp26 xr6 turbo

  • Flanged Pump Drive.
  • Full Triple Bearings.
  • Kiln Bronzed Impeller
  • Kiln Bronzed Turbine.
  • High Performance Lockup Clutch.
  • High Temperature Viton Seals.
  • Steel Input Spline.

The ZF 6HP26 Automatic Transmission is used in a variety of cars, including BMW, Land Rover, Roll-Royce, Maserati, Kia, Hyundai, Jaguar and Ford Falcons in the BF-FG models. The ZF 6HP26 automatic transmission can easily handle up to 600 Newton-meters (Nm) of Torque.

zf 6hp26 high stallThe 6HP26 automatic transmission is a six speed transmission that is electronically controlled. The transmission comprises the basic elements of a TCM and main control valve body unit, a torque converter, one solenoid valve and six pressure regulators. Gear selection is achieved by the control of automatic transmission fluid flow to operate various internal clutches.

The TCM operates the electrical components and provides for the control of gearshift selection shift pressure that increases refinement and torque converter slip control. It also has the capability to achieve torque converter lock-up on all six forward gears, and disengage it completely when at a standstill, dramatically closing the fuel efficiency gap between automatic and manual transmissions.

The ZF 6HP26 Transmission uses a Lepelletier epicyclic/planetary gearset, which can provide more gear ratios with significantly fewer components.


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