Heavy Duty Low Stall 4R100-5R110W

Allison 1000-2000

Heavy Duty Torque Converter and Low Stall Torque Converters.

Here at Roadblaster we have designed a range of Heavy Duty Torque Converter that will meet and exceed your demands.

A Heavy Duty Torque Converter is essential when you have modified your vehicle to produce more power, torque or are towing heavy objects. In reality the Manufactures design Torque Converters to be as light and cheap as possible, this might be ok when used in a standard street car but when it is used in a modified car with increased power and torque output which is also being use to tow with, the result can lead to an extremely inefficient, failure prone, heat generating, fuel burning Torque Converter.

When we disign a Heavy Duty Torque Converter for you, our aim is to make it better in every aspect of its operation, we do this by using the best parts from billet front covers to multiple lockup clutch kits, heavy duty bearings, kilm bronzing, etc. What sets up apart from the rest is the ability to use larger than OEM Torque Converters to achieve a better more fuel efficient lower stalling Torque Converter than is possible with the standard converter.

Our Heavy Duty Torque Converter  are built to withstand all the stresses put on a Converter when towing or being used Off Road.The modifications that we make can increase fuel economy and reduce heat by increasing the efficiency of the Torque Converter.

In Lock Up applications Multi Friction Plates and Billet Front Covers are used to ensure Lock Up is held even on extreme applications.

The following modifications can be made to suit your application

  • Flanged Pump Drive
  • Heavy Duty Needle Roller Bearings
  • Anti Balloon Plates
  • Impeller and Turbine Furnace Brazing
  • Hardened Steel Splines
  • Heavy Duty Mounting Rings
  • Billet Front Covers
  • Multi Disc Lock Up Plates
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