Roadblaster is proud to introduce their new Toyota A340 Low Stall Torque Converter to suit all the Toyota Hilux, Hiace and Prado models running the A340 Automatic Transmission. Many enthusiasts are tuning their cars to develop far more torque than the manufacturer intended the original Torque Converter to be able to handle, and a common complaint is that the original converter flares excessively and slips under load. If this situation is allowed to continue it usually ends in a catastrophic failure of the Torque Converter.

a340 statorRoadblaster has designed this converter to be capable of handling up to 1000nm of torque. With our inhouse machining capability we have designed a stator that is much more efficient than the factory stator. As you can see in the photo our custom Stator on the left is much fatter and has much longer blades than the original one on the right. By closing the gap between the Stator blades and the opposing Impeller and Turbine blades  we reduce the amount of slip caused by the gap which increases efficiency and lowers the stall of the Torque Converter.


  • Flanged Billet Pump Drive
  • All vanes individually Tig Bronzed
  • Heavy Duty Bearings
  • Steel Spline
  • Solid mounting ring
  • Custom designed Stator
hilux a340

You can purchase this Toyota A340 Low Stall Torque Converter by contacting us or you can purchase it through our EBAY SITE or fill out our spec sheet and we will advise you of the best Torque Converter for your application.hiace a340

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