You Need a High Stall Torque Converter if you have taken the time and money to enhance the performance of your vehicle you don’t want most of the extra power you just paid good money for to get lost on the old stock Torque Converter. The stock Torque converter is usually between 11″-13″ in diameter with a stall speed of 1600-1800 RPM. They are designed with fuel economy and driveability in mind. The stock Torque Converter was precisely matched to the original stock engine that your vehicle came with, to allow it to operate in a wide range of circumstances as smoothly and efficiently as possible, at low or high RPM. When you make changes to the fuel system, camshaft, diff ratios to increase the performance of your vehicle driveablitiy issues will start to emerge. You now need to match the Torque Converter to the changes that you have made or you might lose some of that power you just paid good money for.
Roadblaster has developed a range of 8”, 9” and 10” High Stall Torque Converters to suit many High Performance applications.These High Stall Torque Converters are the most affordable and reliable performance converters on the market today and are custom built to suit your needs. It is one thing to build a high stall torque converter for a car that is going full throttle down the 1/4 mile in a straight line. Its a whole lot harder to build a hi stall torque converter that needs to perform well at full throttle, but also needs to drive down the freeway, sit in traffic on the way to work, take the kids to school without flaring and overheating.

For this reason we can design our High Stall Torque Converters with your specific needs in mind and can include any or all of the options listed below.


  • Full Kiln Bronzing
  • Anti Balloon Plates
  • Extra Bearings
  • Flanged Pump Drives
  • Steel Hardened Splines
  • Billet Front Covers
  • Billet Lock up Plates
  • Heavy Duty Sprags
  • Mechanical Diodes
hi stall torque converter
Absolutely wonderful to deal with, on the ball, really know their stuff.
Holden Commodore 5.7 Ltr

GEN 3 Hi-Stall Torque Converter 2500 RPM

Ace product, awesome communication, fast delivery highly recommend A+
Holden Powerglide Trimatic V8

Hi-Stall Torque Converter 2800-3000 RPM

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