Roadblaster is proud to announce the release of their new Ford Territory 6R80 Torque Converter. This Torque Converter includes upgrades that makes it stronger and more robust than the OEM unit. Unfortunately the OEM Torque Converter is a weak point in an otherwise very reliable Transmission, these Converters have very quickly built a reputation to fail beyond the point of being rebuildable. The weakest point in these converters are the bearings, and the rear thrust washer that separates the Turbine from the front cover. This washer wears into the front cover, which creates excessive internal clearance in the Torque Converter, and increases the load on the bearings.

ford territory 6r80 TORQUE CONVERTER pumpdrive

Roadblaster has developed a Full Flanged Pump Drive that can be fitted into the Slotted and flat Gear, so you dont have to identify what pump you have before ordering the unit and you won’t have a problem fitting the Converter no matter what Pump Design you have. We designed the Lockup Plate to retain the oil grooves so the oil can flow how it should flow through the PWM Circuit, also larger Torrington and Roller bearings replace all OEM bearings and thrust washers.

 ford territory 6r80 lock up clutch


  • Full Flanged Pump Drive to suit either flat or slotted gears.
  • Full Kiln Bronzing in Turbine and Impeller.
  • Larger Impeller Torrington Bearing
  • Full Roller Bearing replaces Thrust Washer in Base, and centralizes the Turbine assembly.
  • Steel Input Spline
  • Red Eagle Lockup Clutch with OEM Oil Grooves.
  • Full mounting ring on base that distributes the Torque generated evenly and prevents the Lock Up distorting under load.






The Ford Territory 6R80 Automatic Transmission is a fully electronic Transmission, it has a total of seven solenoids that are used to shift the valves and control the Lock Up Clutch. The Torque Converter has Lock up capabilities in all six gears. The 6R80 has a relatively low first gear and two overdrive gears the highest being 0.69:1, this provides good towing performance, and excellent fuel economy by offering low engine RPM while cruising.

You can purchase this Torque Converter by contacting us or you can purchase it through our EBAY SITE or fill out our spec sheet and we will advise you of the best Torque Converter for your application

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