6L45 lockup clutch6L45 Lockup Clutch

Austra Torque Engineering is proud to be able to provide other Torque Converter Rebuilders with a Lockup clutch that enables you to rebuild the 6L45 Torque Converter back to its OEM preload and with the OEM oil grooves.

The Holden VE-VF 6L45 six speed Transmission is equipped with a captive clutch lock up Torque Converter. The clutch is prone to wearing into the front cover of the converter, as a result the preload that is set into the Lockup is lost, which most commonly results in a Converter lock up shudder. Now you can machine the front cover and piston to restore the clutch surface and use our thicker than standard clutch.

6l45 lockup clutch captive clutchAustra Torque can supply this clutch with High Carbon or the OEM red material both with the OEM grooves. These grooves are critical as they allow proper oil flow past the clutch. We also have available the Turbine Seal which is prone to wear in these units.


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