Roadblaster is proud to announce that we have expanded our range to now include a 6HP26 upgraded Torque Converter for use with the 6 Cyl Turbo and V8 motors Our range of 6HP26 Torque Converters now include a smaller 10.5″ Diameter unit that now utilises the stronger 6R80 Pump, Stator support shaft and Input shaft. This Converter allows you to upgrade the 6HP26 Transmission shafts to the larger 6R80 shafts that6hp26 upgraded torque converter are proven to work.

These 6R80 Components are far cheaper than any other aftermarket Billet shaft option. This Converter will replace the standard 6HP26 Converter and bolt straight in with no other modifications needed to any of the 6R80 shafts.
It is well known that the shafts in the 6HP26 Tansmission will break when put under severe loads, so this converter is well suited for the high powered Turbo and V8 motors that are being developed today.

These smaller diameter converters still retain a full lock up, so fuel economy is kept at cruising speeds. They have a full steel ring welded around the base that distributes the torque generated evenly across it and also prevents the Lockup from distorting under load.

Features of the 10.5″ 6HP26 upgraded Torque Converter.

• Flanged Pump Drive.
• Full Triple Bearings.
• Kiln Bronzed Impeller
• Kiln Bronzed Turbine.6hp26 upgraded torque converter
• High Performance High Carbon Lockup Clutch.
• High Temperature Viton Seals.
• Steel Input Spline.

You can purchase this Torque Converter by contacting us or you can purchase it through our EBAY SITE or fill out our spec sheet and we will advise you of the best Torque Converter for your application

The ZF 6HP26 Automatic Transmission is used in a variety of cars, including BMW, Land Rover, Roll-Royce, Maserati, Kia, Hyundai, Jaguar and Ford Falcons in the BF-FG models.


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