5L40E High Stall Torque Converter

Roadblaster  is proud to introduce our new 5l40e high stall torque converter 5L40E High Stall Torque Converter to suit the 5 speed Automatic transmission found in the VZ-VE V6 Holden Commodore


This 5L40E High Stall Torque Converter has the following specs

  • Furnace Brazed Impeller
  • Furnace Brazed Turbine.5l40E-high stall-torque converter
  • Needle roller Torrington bearings.
  • Hardened and ground Pump Drive.
  • Induction Hardened Input Spline.
  • High Carbon Lock Up Lining.
  • Computer Welded and Balanced.
  • Leak Tested

The 5L40-E Automatic Transmission and similar 5L50 is a 5 speed forward electronically controlled transmission, used in rear wheel drive applications it is was available for both rear wheel drive and all wheel drive applications. The rear wheel drive code was M82 while the all wheel drive code was MX5.

One of the new design features of the 5L40-E transmission was a full articulated ravigneaux gearset that is electronically controlled by a timed application of several hydraulic clutches, and mechanical one-way sprag clutches. This transmission also uses an automatic overdrive. The 4/5L50-E transmissions use the same case and components with the exclusion of the second clutch and second sprag clutch. The planetary carrier assembly is also larger in the 5L40 transmission.

The 5L40-E transmission has a maximum torque rating of 369Nm. and was replaced in 2007 with the 6L50-E six-speed. The 5L50-E transmission was designed with a torque rating of 422 Nm.

One of the biggest issues in the 5L40-E transmission was found in the Torque Converter lockup clutch plate. The clutch material wears off and causes metal on metal contact of the plate and the front cover causing metal to enter the transmission. this would commonly block the filter and cause no drive or no reverse problems, along with noisy operation and a hunting slipping sensation when in overdrive.


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