Looking For A 6 Speed High Stall Ford Torque Converter?

ford torque converter
Roadblaster High Performance Torque Converters is proud to introduce our new range of High Stall Ford Torque Converters to suit the Ford BA-FG model with the ZF 6 speed 6HP26 Transmission.

Our High Stall Ford Torque Converters are made to suit all the Ford BA-FG models with 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder motors including the Turbo models.

The range of Ford Torque Converters for the ZF 6HP26 transmission maintain their full lock up capability, and the lock up is upgraded with a Red Eagle lock up clutch, that is suitable for high performance but also allows you to keep the economy and fuel efficiency of a full lock up torque Converter.

This High Performance High Stall Converter can be ordered with stall speeds starting at 2500 RPM and above.

Ford 6HP26 Torque Converter Features

  • Furnace Brazed Impeller and Turbine
  • Triple Bearing Design
  • Steel Input Spline
  • New Red Eagle Lock Up Clutch
  • New Viton High Temperature Seals
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