Holden VF 6L90E High Stall Torque Converter

HSV, GTS, LSA 6.2 Ltr V8

Roadblaster is proud to introduce their latest 6L90E High Stall Torque Converter to suit the Holden VF 6.2 Ltr V8 which utilises the 6L90 Automatic Transmission. This 6L90E High Stall Torque Converter has been designed to allow the engine to get into its torque curve quicker and multiplies the torque as the vehicle begins to accelerate, this allows for greater throttle response, quicker off the mark launch than the stock converter. These converters keep your engine operating closer to its peak operating range thus giving you the performance you desire.

6L90E high stall torque converter

6L90E high stall torque converter 10.5″ diameter features:

Stall speeds available from 2500 RPM
Flanged hardened and ground pump drive
Full kiln bronze Impeller and Turbine
Full Torrington bearing construction
Steel hardened Input Spline
High Carbon Lock up Lining
Six mounting pads to mount fully to the 6L90 Flex plate
Internal parts are individually balanced and then the whole Converter is Fully Computer balanced and pressure checked.
6L90E high stall torque converter
The 6L90 transmission is a six speed automatic transmission, it is a heavy duty version of the 6L80 transmision, this allows it to be used behind higher torque output motors found in high performance vehicles like the HSV, and GTS 6.2 Ltr Holden Vehicles. The 6L90 transmission has a strengthened input gearset, which has two additional pinion gears, for a total of six. It also has a strengthened output gearset, that uses wider gears than the 6L80.

The 6l90 comes with other features that make it a superior transmission to the 6L80. It has the capability of adaptive shift controls such as engine braking, and driver shift control with tap up/down shifts.
A wide overall ratio spread of 6.04:1 allows a “steep” first gear, as well as very “tall” overdrive top gear for low-rpm highway cruising. With this wide ratio spread, acceleration is maximized, as is fuel economy. Engine noise is also lower during cruising. Both fifth and sixth gears are “overdrive” gears, for example.
As in the 6L80, gear changes from second to sixth gears are accomplished with clutch-to-clutch control, where an oncoming clutch is engaged and an “offgoing” clutch is released in a precise manner to achieve the ratio change. The first-to-second upshift, however, is a freewheeling action, where the second gear clutch engages while the first gear one-way clutch spins freely. This allows a greater degree of smoothness at lower vehicle speeds. The clutch-to-clutch shifting and single freewheeler allows significant reductions in packaging requirements.

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