Are you looking for a 12″ 4L60E High Stall Torque Converter?

Roadblaster is proud to introduce their new 4L60E High Stall Torque Converter. This Converter is perfect for a daily driven car where you want to keep the driveability, and have the stall when you want it. This Converter will deliver better throttle response and off the line performance.

12" 4L60E high stall torque converter

This 4L60E High Stall torque Converter is lighter and has an inch smaller diameter than the standard unit, but it retains the full 13 inch lock up piston.

This Converter is suitable for motors up to 600 HP, and stall speeds are available from 2500 RPM+

12″ 4L60E Torque Converter Features

12" 4L60E high stall torque converter

  • Kilm bronzed Impeller
  • Heavy Duty Bearings
  • high Carbon spun woven lock-up Clutch Lining
  • Full 13 Inch lock up piston
  • Hardened Steel Input Spline
  • Hardened and ground Pump drive
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